Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 Babies and A Whole Lot of Controversy

Why on earth would someone want 8 babies at one time? Let alone, 8 more after already having 6 kids. Here's your answer: MONEY. That's why. With hopes of shattering a world record, this woman was smart.

You see it all the time. People who fuck up, get the most help. Someone, somewhere, like Dr. Phil or Oprah will get this woman a house, a couple vans, daycare paid for, groceries for life, free health care, clothes for life and of course the kids college paid for.

It makes me sick.

If all the allegations surrounding the conception of these babies is true, she shouldn't get a damn thing. Nothing, except a visit from Social Services to remove ALL the children from the home.

14 kids? In one house? I would literally pull my hair out and probably theirs!

If the Doctor knowingly lied about the conception - he should lose his license to practice because he violated the public trust.

Now I know this is not the fault of the children in this situation. That we are all certain of. However, they do deserve a decent living and there are plenty of American families out there right now, that can not conceive a child, that desperately want a child and are capable of raising one properly.

Maybe I am just hateful or bitter, but really, come one.... Who REALLY wants 14 kids - besides the Duggars? Oh yeah, THEY got everything handed to them too. What about me and my family? My company just stopped offering health insurance and we make way too much to receive state benefits, my husband is self-employed so there is no way we can afford to pay full premium prices for insurance. I have NO college fund started for my kids, and I know this sounds stupid, but I am praying they will get scholarships to pay their way because the way things look now, there is no way we can save money for college without putting our bills aside and losing what we have now. We are living paycheck to paycheck and making it work, but there is NO wiggle room, none.

Maybe I will just rent my uterus and pop out 8 kids to get the rest of my life paid for???? Afterall , it is just kinda sitting there........hhmmmmmmm....


Laura said...

I was reading more about this in the middle of the night last night when I couldn't sleep. Apparently the grandmother claims to be very non-supportive of the baby-popping. However, don't you think she's enabling the whole thing by letting the daughter and her 6 current kids live with her? Put their asses out on the street and see what happens. Besides, IVF is expensive, who's paying for this? And feeding all those kids?

Stacie said...

ugh, and all those that CAN'T have is really sad.

laurel said...

Check into Delaware Healthy Children's program to see if you qualify for low cost insurance for your kids. This is the State's SCHIP program. I don't know how you'd get the info - maybe call social services for direction? I believe the guidelines are a lot more lenient that other types of state assistance.

The Duggars, IIRC, did NOT get everything handed to them. They have commercial rental property, and built their house themselves. At one time, I know the dad was involved in local politics.

Not that I'd want to live like that, but they seem to have a system that works for them.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@laurel - I already mentioned I checked into state health - CHIPS and other various programs - we make way too much. You know what the women on the phone told me? "Ma'am, you are in the same boat as millions of other American Families, Good Luck"

I certainly hope Obama does something for us......

Momisodes said...

I am so glad I came here to read this. As a former NICU nurse that cared for many preemies and families like this, it drives me bonkers. I could go on and on...but I won't. It is just sad.

Anonymous said...

There was unconfirmed reports that Med-Cal was used to pay for the IVF procedures so we as taxpayers paid for all 14 babies. Plus she will probably get a sweet deal from certain media outlets.

In any event, she should have donated her embryos to agencies so that they can adopted by couples who are unable to have children instead of having them aborted as what was suggested in one news article.