Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Follow Up to Previous Post & Some Other Tidbits....

First off, a HUGE Thank You to those of you had the balls to comment on my Abuse post. The encouraging words made me emotional and for those of you who didn't, but REALLY wanted too, it's OK I understand. My mind had toyed with idea of posting about the abuse for a while now. I was afraid of judgement, I was afraid of actually verbalizing what I had experienced. I was afraid of re-visiting the pain. Now that it is out there for all to see, I feel SOOO much better. A weight has been lifted in some ways. Did I ever see a therapist? No. I feel I have overcome that situation. The cycle stopped with me. Yes, I spank my kids - with my hand and only when needed. I know the limits. No belts that's for sure. The cycle still continues with my brothers. Well, my brother (one does not have children yet), he is a verbal and emotional abuser to his oldest daughter and yes, she is in therapy and is old enough to say she doesn't want to go visit him and her mother has stopped making her go. If posting about the abuse helps ONE person, then I will be happy. Whether it is helping a victim overcome or a perpetrator realize what they are doing to their child.


This whole Sulman Octo-babies thing has me in a tizzy. The mother is.... special.... you know.... the motor is running but no one's behind the wheel. She does not deserve to keep her kids, she does not deserve to get all the publicity she is getting and she FOR DAMN SURE does not deserve a free ride. Nuff said........


This whole PTO thing has turned out to be a wonderful, surprisingly fulfilling thing for me. All the effort I have put forth has been commended and appreciated. So in my eyes, it is all worth it.


I finally scheduled my FINAL Real Estate Exam for February 24th. The State boards. The doc is prescribing me Zoloft for my anxiety - during the test. Charge me for performance enhancers - I don't care. All I know is, if I do not have that drug, I will more than likely have a MAJOR and very PUBLIC anxiety attack. Something I would rather not experience. So.... wish me luck!


My baby boy will be turning 5 on the 23rd. 5 YEARS OLD. My BABY will be starting Kindergarten this fall :( No more babies.. He wants a motorcycle themed party at the local bowling alley. He asked and therefore will receive!


Go-Kart Season is among us. My daughter will be back racing and my son had got his first go-kart. Worried? ABSOLUTELY!! There are tons of safety equipment used and yes, something can still happen, but if they were to play baseball, they could fall and break a leg or am arm, so take your pick.


I LOVE all my cyberpeeps. One has me worried though. Two Date Diva is missing....... She was my first fellow bloggers I found and she has stuck with me since I started, but she has not posted since early December????? I sent a message and I have heard nothing.


Stacie said...

awe, my baby turns five on the 28th. :)

I am glad you feel "lighter" sharing your abuse story! Sharing is Caring...

Nej said...

Test on the 23rd and birthday on the 24th. Busy month for you!!!

Good luck (a few weeks early) on the test. :-)

theneatos said...

Busy Busy Busy Month for you! Good luck on the test ... when I took my RE test, it was most difficult to discern what was intended on the test, and what the reality of the RE world really is!

Once again, thanks for sharing. I know it was tough for you. And we appreciate you exposing yourself that way.