Friday, February 27, 2009

My Work Spouse.... As Promised

Ok, Ok, this post was promised to Matter of Fact Mommy since we made a deal if she spilled about her work spouse, then so would I, so here it is.

First off - I have to give a HUGE shout out to MoFM for her brazen, honest, fuck it all attitude. I love her blog and I promise you will too if you go and visit. Tell her hi or you might just get the finger ;)

Just kidding (not really)

Anywho..... Oh yeah, Work Spouse. Here's the deal ladies, I work in an office where I am the only female. Yes, the only person carrying estrogen in her body for 40 hours a week in this workplace. I love it. Could not imagine my job with another woman in this office. I think I would feel violated, like if another woman was to walk in your house, cook your dinner, love on your kids and smooch the Hubby... yeah it's like that. Besides, I really don't care for a lot of women (but I love my blogger women:) and being raised in a household where it was pretty much all men, I just know how to communicate with them MUCH BETTER than women.

So there is a total 6 employees here - 5 men and me. All are married and 40 or over. You know I love me some older men :) I respect everyone of them. I respect their spouses. I respect that some cheat on a regular basis (not with me) and I respect that some are sooo far in debt their creditors call here 10 fucking times a day. I do not respect that some like to share the details of their wives with me. Normally I just shut them down. But, through it all, I have found 1 person here that I can relate to. We have this telepathic vibe thing going on. He respects me professionally and personally. Has cheered me on through my anxiety with the exam, through all the shit with my family and just makes me feel good about being me. It makes me look forward coming to work in the mornings and sometimes I text him "good morning sunshine"

Would THE LINE ever be crossed? No. Never. When you work with someone day in and day out, eventually things get said, shit talking gets spoken but at the end of the day, he looks forward to going home to his wife and I look forward to going home to my husband. We live two totally different lifestyles and understand nothing more than a platonic work relationship could come of it.

So there. My work spouse, unearthed and spoken about.

P.S. if there any of you fellows blogger out there that are going through the same thing, let me know in your comments.


Stacie said...

HELLS NO. work spouse here...but I do have a friend that I confide in and gives me the male (I totally typed MAIL) perspective.

the weirdgirl said...

I don't have a work spouse (because I work mainly from home) but I have had plenty of guy friends who have been like that for me. Totally platonic, totally supportive. I'm still really tight with my oldest girlfriends, but in general I was also raised with boys and just communicate with guys really well. (And it's no coincidence that most of my oldest girlfriends are the same way.)

In fact, I'm kicking to the curb all the playgroup moms I met when I first tried to do the whole playgroup thing. It's been three years but it's still too cliquey, too girly, too much work. I'll stick with my old girl and guy friends and online friends, thanks.

(I think those playgroup moms think it's weird I even have online friends.)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

SHIT, i thought i commented! i'm sorry! i must have typed it out and then forgot to publish? i'm an asshole, but you know that.

i am SO happy that there is someone else who can relate to the work spouse thing! i've been working with mine now for 13 years and believe me - if "the line" were ever going to be crossed, it would have been already. also? i hate working for women. :)