Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Puff, Puff, Pass

Michael Phelps.... what a bad boy, you need your ass spanked.

This boy trained his whole life to become what he is now. There were no "girlfriends" or "date nights" or "boys nights out" I bet that. Truly, I bet he went to school, then the pool, then home for some dinner and homework. This is a person who never got to experiment with ANYTHING - hell he's probably still a virgin and now that he has accomplished what all those years of training were for, he can relax and enjoy his life.

I'd hit the bong too if I was in his place.

Hell, I hit the bong in High School - and I inhaled.

I got the munchies and laughed until my stomach hurt at the dumb asses I was with.

But any who.... You know what pisses me off more than anything about this whole "situation"?

For the last 3 days I have not been able to turn the TV or radio on with out hearing
"Michael Phelps hit a bong" Michael Phelps was smoking marijuana out of a bong". How about talking about that shit after 9 pm, you know, when you can talk about sex and cuss and all the other things. My kids are hearing this bullshit every time I turn the damn TV or radio on.

That pisses me off more than anything.

Now they say they might press charges against him???? PLAH----LEESE

Let the boy be a boy...... that's all I'm saying... AND KEEP THAT SHIT OFF THE TV AND RADIO!!!!

Rant over, how do you feel about it???


Nej said...

He worked hard to get where he was, and then was dumb enough to do this where a picture could be taken.

He's young, dumb, and happens. It's not the end of the world. No one is dead.

I don't have kids, so I'd never thought about from that point of view.

On one hand, I'd like to hear the news, and don't want it censored because kids might be watching/listening. I'm not a kid.

But at the same time, as a parent, you don't want to have to explain it to your kids, until you're good and ready. Some things aren't meant for their little ears.

Slippery slope there.

I'm sick of the news media acting as though this is news. He did a dumb thing and got caught. Period. End of Story.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Nej - thanks for the input!!!

Stacie said...

it makes me want to hit a bong.

just sayin.

Sass said...

Duuuuude....I was totally gonna comment, man. I totally was.

And then, like....Duuuuuude....I lost my Chili Cheese Fritos.

Okay, not really.

Yeah, it's not news, I'm tired of explaining it to my kids, (much like the meth commercials I subjected everyone to) and I think he's probably human. Probably. ;)

kel said...

I don't get what the huge deal was... it's not perfomance enhancing, so who cares?

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Kel - I didn't even think of that!

Candice said...

Doesn't Michael know that marajewwanna is a gateway drug? Today MJ, tomorrow he'll be on A&E's Intervention.. ;)

blah blah. You know what I thought when I heard this story?

Big. Freaking. Deal.

April said...

this is so not news. ridiculous. didn't obama admit to doing drugs? hello??? much more interesting than phelps and, hah, it's not news. so. like i said. this is so not news.

Sass said...

I have to argue about marijuana being a gateway drug. Unless it's a gateway to massive quantities of potato chips. ;)

Beer. Now THAT'S a gateway drug.

hee hee. I'm just kidding. My husband always yelled at me about marijuana being a gateway drug...And I just smiled...I'm babbling now. Twice in one post.