Friday, February 13, 2009

Purse MEME (Or blogger block)

No tagging this time, I seen Stacie do it and invited us all to share and I'm nice like that so here you go. From top to bottom
#1 - Everything looks pretty normal, Vera Bradley purse - Check.
#2 - Oh Holy Hell.
#3 - The Money Stash and don't think about robbing me I teach takwondo with my weak arm on sick days! LOL.
#4 - The accumulation of our tax documents for this year - nothing important, just floating around in said purse...oh and my Dollar General receipt.
#5 - Stack of current bills that are due, more of the tax papers, wallet, notebook for notes of course, lipstick, a necklace my husband give me, paper clip, keys, pen, some loose change, chamophenik (sp) and that about wraps it up.
Nothing special, just momma stuff.
Your turn, let me in!!!


Stacie said...


tagged you for some Valentine Love.

Nej said...

I took a few minutes and put my purse up. :-)

Average Girl In Average World said...

@stacie - heading to receive my love soon!

@nej - Oh, i wanna see :)

M said...

No pictures, but I can give you a written visual.

Picture a red Coach purse, lovingly worn on the sides. Inside there is:

Joann Fabrics flyer.
Dooney and Burke Giraffe wallet.
Cell Phone
Clean Well hand sanitizer
Purell Hand sanitizer
Ice Breakers Wintergreen gum
C.O Bigelow Cinnamint Lip Shine
Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes
Hair Clip
Cover Girl Wet Slicks Lip Gloss in Freedom of Peach.
Dum-Dum lollipop wrapper
2 pairs of sunglasses
Mint Chapstick

I guess I have a problem with germs and I love lip gloss.