Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Jay & Deb have started this wonderful idea and I have chose to follow.

Since this is my first Tuesday's Tribute, I have to dedicate this one to my Hubbs.
This is man, who decided to love me. ME
It wasn't easy. I was the one pursuing him. He was shy. So shy, I thought he was gay after our first date. The scene? Ocean City, MD. He was 24 and I was....... 17.5 (probably why he was so shy). We walked the boards (with enough distance between us that people were literally walking through us), stopped into Grotto's for some of their NASTY-ASS pizza then we sat on a bench and talked. Watching passer-bys as we chatted, laughing and just enjoying the cool ocean breeze. He drove me home and I remember smiling so much that night that my cheeks hurt. We got to my house and he opened my door, I got out and he give me the coldest, most tight lipped kiss I had ever had.
Thinking I would never see him again, I drove to his house the next day, professed my interest and............. well, lets just say, he's not gay, just cautious.
That was August 1999
January 2000 I moved in with him.
October 2001 our daughter was born.
September 2002 we were married.
February 2004 our son was born.
December 2006 we bought our first home.
Hubbs has been a wonderful teammate. He participated in midnight feedings, being threw up and pissed on, helped me recover from 2 surgeries, buried both of our first and beloved dogs Roxi & Musi, carried my bloody body in his arms after I wrecked his motorcycle in the neighbors yard, stuck up for me numerous times - even when I was wrong, supported my goals and ALWAYS makes sure I know I am loved everyday.
So Hubbs, this Tribute is for you!
Thank you and I love you!


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

He sounds like a great guy to have around!

LeAnna said...

Wow, what a special guy. Sounds like you are a very lucky person to have met someone so awesome. Great post!

Halftime Lessons said...

Wow...really happy for you both. Hard for young people to stay together these days, and you guys sound like you have dont fantastically!

Awesome tribute!

Deb said...

great tribute!

the motorcycle wreck sounds awful! i am glad you are okay!

you are one lucky gal to have such a terrific and non-gay hubby!

Candice said...

You husband sounds like a wonderful man.

Lovely tribute :)