Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FLIRTING.....Old Man Style

I just finished lunch at this wonderful little cafe type place in town. It is really the ONLY cafe type place in this area. Anywho.... the owner and his father work together. The Father is about 60 years old and I noticed there is no wedding ring. The next order was called and this little old lady comes walking up to get her order. There was a bowl of soup on the tray with a lid. As the old man hands the lady the tray she asks him to take the lid off the bowl since her fingers are stiff. He smiled, said yes, then took the tray to her table. He conversed with her for a couple minutes then went back to work. Smiling. Both of them.



Stacie said...

awe, so very sweet!

Samsmama said...

What a great story!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is going to seem weird, but I've left my old identity behind, so please don't allude to it.

However, you are probably going to remember me. You just need to go here:


Average Girl In Average World said...

JAMES!!!!!! My favorite foul mouthed male blogger.

Nice site! I plan on staying in touch!

Concerned Families of Salisbury said...

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Dear fellow blogger,

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We base this on several pieces of information:

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Concerned Families Of Salisbury

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Concerned families of salisbury - WTF are you talking about???? Seriously???? I don't even live in Maryland... I have gay people in my family - MEN & WOMEN. BACK THE FUCK UP AND GET OFF MY BLOG ASSHOLE.

Candice said...

The concerned families of Salisbury need more meat in their lives.

Anywhoo, I loved the flirting story. Good to know it doesn't end, and even women get to use "stiff bones" as an excuse to flirt as we age.

Stacie said...

lmfao. what's with the fucked up comments??? roflmao

where are you anyway?